Please correct the information in the Link: https://neironix.io/de/cryptocurrency/rainbow_currency

Ishaq Ali Khan 4 years ago updated by Ivan Alexandrovich Marakhovka 4 years ago 1

Dear Sir,

This is Ishaq from Rainbow Currency Foundation.

We have found that there are incorrect/outdated information in your website, regarding our Currency.

If we will click on the link: https://neironix.io/de/cryptocurrency/rainbow_currency
We see that it shows information regarding TWNKL, while the name for Rainbow Currency is "Your Everyday Money" with trading symbol "YEM".
There is link to our website from your website. You can click on that link which leads to https://rainbowcurrency.com/?utm_source=neironix.io&utm_medium=project&utm_campaign=no_pay

And you can check the correct information in this link.

The Board of Directors urge you to kindly review and update or delete incorrect information. And change the name, value of our currency and other related information in your website.

Many Thanks,

Ishaq Ali Khan

Board of Director,

Rainbow Currency Foundation.