Neironix is an independent analytical rating agency assessing the reliability and investment attractiveness of crypto-economic projects, such as: ICO, Crypto Fund and Crypto Exchange.

We use the international standards for risk management ISO 31000: 2009, developed by Global Organization for Risk Management Standards (G31000), and recognized as a professional risk management standard in more than 100 countries, as well as practices and methodology, leading world rating agencies of the classical economy.

We are always glad to hear your ideas for our project :)


How can i add my token to neironix

Denis 2 года назад 0

Please add dexzbitz exchange

MARCUS 3 года назад обновлен alp 2 года назад 2

Restablecer portafolio

claudio Andres Jerez Cortez 2 года назад 0

how to buy and sell here

Samdex 3 года назад 0

Как добавить биржу?

RedSnake 3 года назад 0

Please remove my from your site - Daniel Potts

Daniel Potts 3 года назад 0

How can I remove the projects I have added?

Tayfun Taner 3 года назад 0

Vladislav Grubnik 3 года назад 0

okt exchange

khan haseeb 3 года назад 0

krT & krC coin

Hai Truong 3 года назад 0

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